Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Quantum Superposition

{Cast: Khaleesi, Sansa Stark, Tyron Lannister; Guest cast: Khal Drogo}

Qubit -> In this example, a circuit that determines the selfishness in people’s minds
Superposition state: Oscillates between two states - selfish and selfless

Suppose Khaleesi carries lunch box every day. One day, her friends decide to go out for lunch. What does Khaleesi do with her lunch box?

Scenario A)
She could ping a colleague named Sansa Stark, who does not carry lunch, and give her the box. So there are two thoughts going on parallelly in Khaleesi’s mind, with different probabilities. 1) Selfless trait: Khaleesi wants Sansa Stark to have her box rather than spend money for the usually inferior canteen food; 2) Selfish trait: Why should Khaleesi give her food to Sansa Stark? After all, she is not a close friend.
Which trait has higher probability?
Khaleesi had an altercation with her spouse – Khal Drogo, over weekend regarding food. Today is Monday and if Khaleesi carries the filled box back to home, Khal Drogo may deem it as reprisal: he had prepared the food so earnestly. It is unlikely that Khaleesi will take the food home. She would rather give it to a friend or a colleague. So, the selfish feeling – that is, the inhibition to give the box to someone, is low. Selfless feeling to hand over the box to someone is high.

Scenario B)
Again, there are two parallel traits – 1) Khaleesi wants to give box to Sansa Stark out of her good mind; 2) But in this instance there was no altercation with Khal Drogo. In fact, she wants to eat Paneer Palak herself. The vegetable in the box will not deteriorate in the Icelandic landscape. So Khaleesi wants to take the food back home and eat it at night.
Her selfish trait is more dominant at that moment. In other words, there is higher probability that Khaleesi will act in a selfish manner at that time.

Nobody knows how Khaleesi is going to act in any given moment. Depending on the day, time or scenario Khaleesi will have different probabilities of selfish and selfless traits going on in her mind.
Let’s say a friend of Khaleesi – Tyron Lannister, wants to measure her nature at a specific point. Just before going to lunch party, Tyron advises Khaleesi to give the box to someone she knew. Now Khaleesi is in a fix. She has to act one way or the other. There is no ambiguity. If scenario A is in motion, Khaleesi would say ‘Good idea,’ ping Sansa Stark and hand over the box. Tyron will consciously or subconsciously register Khaleesi as a cool lady. If scenario B is in motion, Khaleesi would make some vague excuse. Here, Tyron would deem Khaleesi’s action as strange, and may even register her as a selfish person.

In Summary, Khaleesi has both selfish and selfless tendencies going on at all times – a superposition of two traits. Depending on time and scenario, the probabilities will be different. If someone wishes to test or measure Khaleesi’s nature and compels her to choose an action, one of the two traits will be exposed. That trait may not be an overall depiction of Khaleesi’s nature, but nonetheless she will be revealed in one or the other state/trait.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Hyppo - The 'Aam' Hypocrite

Hyppo is a character from my novel - "Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay - The Next MLA!"
This is a spin-off from that novel.
Comic book

Comic book

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Tulsiprasad Bandopadhyay - The Next MLA !

Upcoming Novel - Dec 2018 !

Genre: Political satire

This novel is a satirical recount of the various sociopolitical events in present day India. These
incidents form the canvas on which a tale of two young protagonists is painted with the ink of humor. 

An astrologer predicts that an indolent and insolent youth is going to reach great heights, much to the surprise of his frustrated father, who thinks that the greatest height his son is going to reach is the tip of the palm tree in the neighbourhood to steal its fruit.
The youth – Bandu – embarks on a sinuous journey in search of his fortune, and along with his friend Ronak travels to different states in India. Each stop is eventful and accompanied with kicks, knocks and knavery that shakes Bandu’s scruples and Ronak’s bones. Every city has its own charm to offer, and the two men indeed find charm, harm and the ensuing balm.

One man’s tragedy is another man’s comedy. This book is about travails of two young men whose tragedy becomes onlookers’ comedy. Does Bandu really succeed as the astrologer predicted? Does his lack of meaningful education become a hindrance in his destiny for Raaj-yog, which in today’s world translates to Mantri-yog? Join Bandu & Ronak in their enchanting journey, and note the disclaimer that any reference to police, politicians and purloiners is purely for pun!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Paranormal world – Higher Dimensions

How many dimensions are there in the universe? As dilettantes we are aware of four: 3 in space and the 4th one being ‘time’. We cannot see instances on the ‘time’ axis, i.e. we can't see future & past occurrences?
There are three facets of dimension: a) awareness of that dimension; b) ability to see in that dimension; c) ability to traverse that dimension.
Let’s assume we humans were 2-dimensional. We would have been flat pieces on the ground unable to see or comprehend the 3rd dimension – the height axis. So any object floating in air wouldn’t exist from our view point.
Till couple of hundred centuries ago, we knew about a) & b) of 3rd dimension, but not c) – we couldn’t traverse the 3rd dimension, i.e. we couldn’t fly. At the beginning of life, organisms could see things flying in air, but could never reach it. As birds evolved they were able to fly to that floating object, but we humans could not. But today technology enables us to traverse the 3rd dimension.
But what about the 4th dimension – time? We know about a), but not b) & c).
Let’s assume a man is born who can perceive the 4th dimension. What it means is that he can see incidents in future & past. Imagine how unnerving it would be! That’s why scientists say that the world will become paranormal if we can sense higher dimensions. This is just the 4th dimension; what about a person who can see the 5th or even higher dimensions? The world will be stupendously amazing or maddeningly scary! Maybe the seers who could see future in our scriptures had the ability to perceive the 4th dimension. Maybe someday technology will help us traverse the 4th dimension just like it helped us with the 3rd dimension.

As an aside, does it mean the scriptures explained incidents from the past in the form of simple illustrations because the writers knew the uninitiated human minds cannot comprehend the complex science behind it? Fables spoke of seers who could close their eyes and see the past and the future. This sounds absurd to the critical minds. Several decades ago the ‘time’ dimension would not have much sense to common people, but now it does. Similarly there could be nuances of physics that current intellect cannot fathom, but future minds may. And then a generation will reach a point where each and every ‘magic’ from our scriptures would make sense scientifically. In the interim, we can keep an open and dispassionate mind about the magic in our scriptures and just focus on the essence.

This dimensionality opens up intriguing questions such as are Hell, Heaven and Netherland real places which can be reached only through certain dimensions? Is there a dimension(s) that can be seen only by soul (or the energy source within the body) that leads them to one of the aforementioned astral regions at the end of time? Maybe that’s how the sages from the scriptures travelled to & fro between Earth & Celestial places because of their ability to discern multiple dimensions that are not visible to the untrained mind.

At very high dimensions, it is said that the distances between points are not that skewed as compared to low dimensions. This means that there is always a route from one point to the other and the distance between points do not vary drastically. So, a person with access to many dimensions can reach Jupiter via one dimension and reach Heaven through other without much fuss. Could the seers of the yore have had this access? Who knows?

For the science aficionados this possibility of multiple dimensions and the mystery it entails is super fascinating. As for the spiritually inclined, well, it’s really intriguing to know whether there is a 'God' dimension of the highest order that gives you b) & c) – that is, the ability to see God, & travel to his eternal abode! After all, the term 'faith' that every religion preaches could be this axis/dimension.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Chivalry vs. Chauvinism

How many times have one come across the word “MCP”, as in Male Chauvinist Pig? Have you wondered about the female psychology that drives them to use such a derogatory adjective? You would be keen to know that it’s not the action which elicits such a remark, but the way it is presented that provokes such a reaction.
Take an instance where you are with some friends on a railway station and you offer to carry your lady friend’s luggage. Now that’s a chivalrous gesture. Not if you try explaining that she’s a female and does not seem to have the strength to carry that weight. After that you are an incorrigible chauvinist. There’s a thin line that separates chauvinism and chivalry.
Suppose that you are sitting in a canteen and one of your female friends approach carrying a plate. If you pull a chair for her then you will be regarded as chivalrous. However, if you make loud your rationale that she was carrying a plate and a girl does not have enough muscle to pull a chair with one hand then you are a chauvinist!
The action being the same, the outcome can make a hero or villain depending on how one plays it. If you are smart you have chivalry. Or else you are just a staid male chauvinist.
Generally, an average female body is more supple and malleable than the male counterpart. If a guy says that this flexibility makes them a diva, in comparison to men, in finer forms of art like dancing, then he will be striped with knighthood. Any bold admission about the dexterity this gives the female species in reaching out deep lying dust under the far corner of sofa will be looked upon with scepticism. However, claiming that this makes women the undisputed and legitimate master of household chores will certainly open your way to perdition.

So next time you hitch a hike from the opposite gender, leave her to think that its your chivalry that has led you to make her the pillion rider. It would be a folly to reveal the apprehension about her strength to balance your weight, which has compelled you to take the reins in your own hands. You can further imperil your reputation by attributing your occupancy of rider’s seat to poor driving skills entrenched in her gender. After that you will be officially crowned as an MCP.
So, in essence, chivalry and chauvinism are just two sides of the same coin. Which side you put on display will determine what character you want to portray.

Quantum Superposition

{ Cast : Khaleesi, Sansa Stark, Tyron Lannister; Guest cast: Khal Drogo} Terms: Qubit -> In this example, a circuit that dete...